NOTARIZED Translation in Vietnam

Are you queuing in a long line for the notarization of your documents by the Department of Justice? Are you applying for a visa or preparing your overseas study documents or foreign trade contracts?

notarized translation in Vietnam, Vietnam notarized translation

PNVT provides Vietnam notarized translation service fast and precisely for various languages: English, French, Chinese, Thai, German, Russian, Indonesian, Khmer (Cambodian), Spanish, Danish, Portuguese …

Notarized translation means the work of translation and notarization by Department of Justice or governmental agency. Notarized translation bears the highest legal validity. Though previously handled by the Notary Offices only, notarized translation has been assigned to district offices to share the heavy load of work for the Department of Justice. The validity of their translation products is legally equal.

Immediate Notarized Translation in Vietnam

PNVT is capable of such service, which may be difficult for other companies, because:

– Our translation is swiftly performed on site (for documents with less than 10 pages)

– Our office is adjacent to the district judiciary offices.

– We are equipped for fast translation

– Our employees are professional and zealous

– We maintain good relationship with judiciary offices

Fast and accurate notarized translation in Vietnam

We achieve the highest quality of translation by re-inspecting the content, style, figures and format of the translated documents; therefore, our translation products are accurately and quickly notarized.

notarized translation in Vietnam, Vietnam notarized translationRequirements for fast notarization

The original documents must bear the original signatures and corporate seal by the authorized entities; otherwise, the copy of such original document must bear the certifying seal properly.

If your original document or certified copy is not available, Phu Ngoc Viet Translation has other solutions.

Apart from notarized translation, PNVT – a Vietnam Translation Company –  can have your faxed, scanned or emailed copies certified without the original documents.

Contact us for notarized translation service in Vietnam!

NOTARIZED Translation in Vietnam
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