Consular legalization in Vietnam

Though consular legalization in Vietnam greatly supports local and foreign workers, its constant variation of requirements seriously troubles and discourages even the veteran experts in Consular legalization in Vietnam. Our employees always contact the governmental agencies to update the latest information of consular legalization and complete your consular legalization as soon as possible.

Vietnam consular legalization, consular legalization in VietnamFurther knowledge of consular legalization:

What is consular legalization?

– Pursuant to Decree no 111/2011/ND-CP, consular legalization is the authorized Vietnamese agencies’ act of certifying and validating foreign seals, signatures and documented titles for the use of such in Vietnam.

– Consular legalization makes foreign documents valid and usable in Vietnam.

– In general, it certifies the signatures and seals of organizations or authorized individuals. It is commonly known as consular authentication.

Why you chooses Phu Ngoc Viet’s service of consular legalization:

– Phu Ngoc Viet is a translation company that offers immediate notarized translation to perform the consular legalization fast and precisely.

– Our employees are professional and dedicated.

Vietnam consular legalization, consular legalization in Vietnam– Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Saigon.

– Rational price

– Comfortable, pleasant and easy-going environment

– “We only get paid after your work is done”

– We maintain good relationship with embassies, consulates general, judicial departments, district judiciary offices, local police …

PNVT is confidently capable of making anything happen. Though your case may be challenging, PNVT shall verify and work it out, even for consular legalization.

Phu Ngoc Viet Translation wishes you success and happiness!

Consular legalization in Vietnam
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